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1-Handling food course


Description: It is a master course with a participative class focused on the handling food improvement at home. It is given by a person with bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and collegiate respectively. It will deliver didactic material and course completion certificate.

Time: 5 hours, 30 minutes break.

Cost by person: ¢15.000.00

Payment method: pay in cash, with card in our offices, or by bank transfer.

Dates on which it is taught

: Every month of the year

Schedules: at your convenience

Discounts: 10% if two people are registered together, 15% if three or more are registered.

Additional information

Directed to: Public in general. Women and men interested in caring their personal and family’s health. Also, it is essential for people who work or seek to be placed as domestic employees, babysitters, cooks and the ones who take care of senior citizens with the purpose of improving their resume and job opportunities.

Why is so important a proper food handling?

If we handle food practicing proper hygienic norms; we will prevent our families or the people we work for form getting sick by consuming contaminated food.

Handle food is an activity that we all do daily in our homes and businesses that sell and distribute food.

The more effective measures, in preventing illnesses, are the hygienic. In the majority of cases, the handler is the person who takes part in the transmission through wrong actions when handling food. It is undoubtedly a familiar and public aspect.

Discounts: 10% if 2 people join together, 15% if they register 3 or more.
Payment: In cash, with a card in our offices, or by bank transfer. See payment methods.


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