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Superdomesticas.com is part of Grupo Greylis S.A. firm established since 1999, which provides human capital solutions, training and business advice. After a successful career with high-level executives, managers and middle managers, these same clients expressed to us the need that existed in Costa Rica for a formal recruitment and selection of domestic staff for their homes and businesses, so we undertook the project and since then we have dedicated ourselves to this meticulous task with a responsible, effective and accurate service. We are aware of the importance of leaving in other hands our homes and the most precious “our loved ones.”




To provide recruitment and selection services for domestic workers, babysitters, cooks, elderly care, housekeepers and miscellaneous in a responsible, efficient and successful way.


To be the most recommended agency for the placement of domestic staff and the main ally and support of our clients.



We accomplish the service they have asked us, through a meticulous process, investigating and evaluating the candidates before recommending them for the job.



 We have the experience, methodology and trained personnel to meet the needs of our customers.



 We strive to provide an accurate service and find the most suitable person for your home or business.



 We give a fair and respectful treatment seeking to harmonize the interests of employers and workers.


-We do not discriminate

 We give opportunities to all equally, dignifying people, attached to the universal and absolute principle of non-discrimination based on race, color, sex, nationality, age, language, religion or social origin.